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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why is my A/C Blowing Hot Air?

Common Reasons:

Thermostat is Set Incorrectly
Check if your thermostat is set to: system - “cool”. Remember that your fan settings and system settings are different and have separate functions. Your fan is responsible for circulating air while the system determines whether the A/C or Furnace is working.

The ideal A/C settings are Fan: Auto or On and System: Cool. If your thermostat is set to these settings and your A/C is still not working correctly, then the air blowing over the indoor coil could be coming out “hot”, making the home hotter.  

Solution: Turn your A/C unit off and call your technician.  

Airflow Restriction
Dirty or clogged air filters or coils can impede the process of cooling down the air.

Solution: Make sure to change your filters often. Call your technician for a yearly maintenance to clean the coils.

Outside Unit is Not Getting Power
Two components, an indoor and an outdoor unit, comprise your A/C system. If your indoor unit is blowing air throughout your home, but your outdoor unit (which supplies the Freon) isn’t getting power, your home will not cool.

Solution: Call your technician.

Other Reasons:
·         A/C unit needs maintenance

·         Low on Freon (Refrigerant)  

Monday, June 27, 2016

Two common reasons:
1) Freon levels are low or leaking! 
Freon is what collects the heat within your home and moves it outside. When Freon levels are low or leaking, the coils get too cold and then freeze as the humid air moves through the system.
2) Not enough air flow!
Not enough air flow causes the Freon to build up in the coils. When humidity hits the coils, the low temperature mixed with the moisture, causes the coils to freeze. This is usually caused by dirty filters or coils and clogged or damaged duct-work.

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